Cost of customer sales invoice

Is it possible to know the cost of sold goods to the customers according to customers reference? ( cost Accounts receivable)

Our Sales invoices include a large number of items from more than one supplier, how to know cost of sold goods by invoice reference and not by date? ( the only options available is by date throgh inventory summery reports, but if we had many invoice same date? )

its very long ledger process to know cost of sales invoices and costing of sold goods to a specific customer

The only way to get this information is to drill down on the Inventory - cost account from the Summary page. Search and Sort as desired, then export the listing to a spreadsheet and manipulate the data into the form you want.

instead this long process if possible to add such a report with option for customers or invoice reference can do this because it’s so useful and high demand. respectly to do your way with multy items of inventory according to the invoice refrance or customers ref, its will take a lot of time.
i believe there is a lot of users looking for that report. goods cost according invoice ref and customers ref very important

You are wasting your time if you are trying to convince me to add a report. I am not the developer. I only explained how to get the information from the program.

I’m not trying to convince you. its just exchange opinions and solutions. to know what’s right what’s wrong. nothing more nothing less .

It has been discussed many times in this forum. I find this report useful too and it is asked also by my auditors but it seems that many users find it, under a puristic point of view, not rappresenting a realistic picture of the results.

By the way… after my previous answer I tried and succeeded to create a custom report with what you are asking for.

This report is part of the basics of the program. It’s hard to give it up. otherwise it requires a lot of work and comparisons to get the desired results. the inventory cost as invoice and suppler reference very demanded

You mean independent report from the program? can you show how?


The only personalization you have to do is to change the “where” clause in order to find the two correct accounts (revenues and cost of sales). Mine are named with a starting code “P.B”. To keep it simple I suggest you to put in both of them a common key.

Keep in mind that I have done it in five minutes last night. It should be perfectioned. But the results seem reconciling perfectly with my data.

I cannot show results because they contain the names of my clients. I’ll send you the resulting report through private message.

it was very helpful thank you #ideas #davide

“note” for the one who wanna use customer report. the accounts that must be targeted should have close name ( account code number not work ) only accounts name must be similar so far

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You are welcome