Custom Report to Sales Vs Cost of Sales

Hi, I’m new to Manager. Can you please help me, suggest me a way to write custom report for following

  1. Need to find Sales invoice Vs. Cost of Sales Entry
    Sales Invoice Reference No | Sales Item Name and Code | Sales invoice Qty | Sales Unit Price | Sales Invoice Total | Cost of Sales Purchase Reference | Unit Purchase Price | Qty on Purchase Inv

  2. Is there a way of prevents creating invoice until sufficient stock is taken in to stock. simply if there is no stock in hand, you cannot create sales invoice. at least pop up massage prior to invoice.

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Q2. no- some businesses do not carry stock and only order it when the have made the sale so this would prevent them from operating

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Simply it could have done (with keep open for persons who do not stock) with tagging item master file whether you need to control it.
or defining item type like stock item, non-stock item. isnt it ?
Suggestion for developers.

The functionality you describe is already an idea

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Hey Guys any advice on my question 1 ???
I’m stuck here…

Anyway thank you for quick responses.

Drill down on the Inventory - cost expense account. The information is there.

Several other variables you listed will not be available because Manager does not track inventory that way. It uses the perpetual moving average inventory valuation method. So there is not a purchase price associated with units sold on a particular sales invoice.

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