Copy to New Sales Invoice with current prices

Dear Sir,
Kindly note that when I try to copy the sales invoice to the new one, no matter what the current price is, it is still coping with the last invoice price with no price change consideration
So please if you can add this option to screens related to inventory items starting with Sales invoices
and when the user tries to copy an invoice to make a new one, then should be an option to choose the current price or just like the original one
Some businesses have fast-moving products with fast price changes.

I think adding another copy menu item at this point will only increase user mistakes since copying an invoice is generally understood as copying everything.

You have reached the point where extending your processes actually reduces you work load, congratulations on reaching this business milestone.

So similar to what’s been suggested in your other thread, you can track your deliveries and copy those instead since Delivery Notes have no prices so later when you copy to a Sales Invoice your prices will auto fill.

This keeps the copy function simple, keeps the forms minimal while still giving the user the option to update prices at will.

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Thank you for your reply, But it doesn’t meet the business requirements, this can be for a company with 5 or 10 sales invoices per day not 100’s