Copy format for receipt-or-payment-batch-operations

I need to copy the data on receipts and payments onto a spreadsheet.
I note that the data pastes out with all the data in a single column. Please assist. This is for manager desktop 20.2.31

Your post is not clear. How are you copying the data? And what data are you copying? Are you copying the tab listing itself? Are you exporting the tab listing? Are you using the Copy to clipboard button during a Batch Update process?

Then, exactly how and where are you pasting the data? Whatever problem you are experiencing is most likely a function of your spreadsheet, not Manager.

Finally, you should update your software. You are more than 100 versions behind.

I am using the copy to clipboard button. I paste into excel, i see the data but all are in one column. For example this is my 1st cell below.

“Date BankAccount Description Lines.Description Lines.Account Lines.TaxCode Lines.Qty Lines.Item Lines.Amount Lines.Debit Lines.Credit Lines.Discount Lines.TrackingCode Lines.ProposedAccountAmount Lines.CustomFields Lines.DiscountAmount Lines.MemberAccount Lines.BillableExpenseCustomer Lines.BillableExpenseSalesInvoice Lines.Invoice Contact BankClearDate BankClearStatus InventoryLocation AmountsIncludeTax CustomTheme Theme Type Reference AutomaticReference HasPaymentCustomTitle PaymentCustomTitle HasReceiptCustomTitle ReceiptCustomTitle Key”

Your result is a function of how you are pasting into Excel. Options vary extensively by software edition and version, operating system, region for which your software is licensed, etc. Consult Excel Help to understand your Paste options.

Apologies. Problem solved. I restarted Excel.
I have also upgraded to the latest version as adviced.