Copy Sales invoice Data to expense claim


Please add Expense claims in the windows that we can copy the data of sales invoice to.


it will make our daily use of system more easy.

in the future we hope that we can track each purchase invoice, expense claim to its sales invoice for service items.

Can you explain your use case? An expense claim is used when an individual spends their personal money to purchase something on behalf of the company that is a company expense. For example, a worker buys hardware with personal funds to finish an installation job. The worker (or someone on behalf of the worker) files the expense claim so reimbursement can be made.

Why would you ever need to copy a sales invoice to an expense claim?

Purchase Invoice or Expense Claim is one and the same thing.
Purchase Invoice enters the cost from a supplier - airline ticket
Expense Claim enters the cost from an employee - airline ticket

Currently in Manager if you are creating the Sales Invoice first then there is an inconsistency:
1 - you can copy that Sales Invoice to the Purchase Invoice and enter the airline ticket cost
2 - you can’t copy that Sales Invoice to the Expense Claim and enter the airline ticket cost

This is not commenting on any workflow - just what you can and can’t do in Manager.

we are a travel company and always use expense claims for our credit cards purchase, that is why the cost will be recorded on the expense claim always and the sales invoice will be the sales price for the ticket.

@Abuzainab, unless company staff are purchasing items with personal credit cards, expense claims should not be used. Can you please explain more completely what is your workflow?

If you are purchasing tickets with a company credit card and selling the ticket to your customers, you could use billable expenses. Billable expenses are meant for situations where the company buys on behalf of the customer. Use of billable expenses will pass the costs through to the customer’s account without them appearing as expenses incurred for operating costs of your company. See Record billable expenses | Manager and Invoice billable expenses | Manager.

You cannot copy a sales invoice to a payment form, either. But the way billable expenses work is by posting the expenses (tickets) to the Billable expenses account as you record the payment. Then, you create a sales invoice within the Customers tab that includes the billable expenses. In other words, you record the expense and then issue the sales invoice rather than issue the sales invoice and then try to record the expense from it. But you still have to enter the purchase information only once, which is what I think you want.

If it’s a company credit card, then your usage should be set up as a “bank account”.
It appears that you are currently using the Expense Claim as a de facto bank account.