Migrating expense claims

First of all I would like to Say that it is a wonderful software!!

I created a credit card account under the Bank Account and recorded all the expenses until I came across Expense Claim option.

I heavily use my personal credit card for all the business related expenses and now since I understood the process of Expense Claim therefore would like to record all the previous and future records in Expense Claim.

Is there a way to migrate or copy the records from Credit Card account to Expense Claim, that will make my work easy?

Also once transfer the records from Credit Card account to Expense Claim, Shall I delete the Credit Card account as otherwise it will show in the balance sheet as Cash at Bank?

You have rightly mentioned the Credit Card Under liabilities however just wondering how can we use that feature and pay the credit cards?

Your early response is much appreciated.

Unfortunately there is no way to convert payments on your credit cards to expense claims (other than through API which would involve programming). How many do you have to convert?

I have records more than 250 under credit cards which I would like to record under Expense Claim.

Also in Expense Claim there is no option like CLONE as it is available in other. That makes a work more easier and saves a lot.

Expense claims are not currently “viewable” but I plan to allow for that still this month. Once there is a view button like on other transactions, you will be able to clone them.

Hi Lubos,

Any solution so far to migrate records to Expense Claim?

Would like to have Expense claims cloneable. Is that still coming?
Learning a lot from Manager!

Ability to clone expense claims added to the latest version (15.3.72)