Copy multiple sales orders to one invoice

Is it possible to copy multiple sales orders (of the same customer) to one invoice.

No, you cannot copy multiple transactions to one. But you could copy the most complex and then edit to add additional line items from the others.

Wouldn’t this a be a good idea to put on the wishlist :slight_smile:

Probably not, because there are many fields that are normally transferred when copying. If you combined several sales orders, which would be chosen?

It would not be that hard to set up a merge function. A lot of POS systems we work with have it for orders, and they have logic built in to keep the first or second order chosen.

For example if we have a ToGo order and a Eat In order and they are merged, the last order headers stay everything else is line items only, so if you merged the ToGo order with the EatIn order, the new order would be Eat In.

Obviously two different worlds, but just an idea - the logic is fairly simple to accomplish.

I think it’s a good idea and how it has to be implemented is something that @lubos has to decide. So it makes no sense to discuss if it can or can’t be implemented while we are not the programmers of Manager.

This sounds like a good idea but for simplicity and proper record keeping sake, every order must have it own invoice. This is what is done by most organisations with a well structured financial accounting system. If you are following a proper procurement or sales work flows, combining orders on a single invoice will mess up your procurement or sales documentation.

Manager may soon have an order tracking feature embedded in a workflow’ Order => Invoice => Delivery note or Order => Delivery note => Invoice for sales and Order => Invoice =>Goods Received or Order => Goods Received => Invoice for Procurements.

Combining different orders in one invoice will make it hard for the system to know fulfilled orders ( especially if the order tracking is implemented) since only one order number and associated text in other fields can be entered on the invoice , unless a new way of doing things is introduced.

If you don’t care about keeping track of every order in Manager, you can simply add lines and enter all orders on the invoice as suggested by @Tut above. Or deactivate the order tab completely since it won’t serve it purpose.

@Frankie wrong, @lubos is very interested in our discussions, this platform exist for that purpose. With discussions new ideas come up and we can actually come up with better cases for the implementation or not.

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Quote: @lubos is very interested in our discussions, this platform exist for that purpose. With discussions new ideas come up and we can actually come up with better cases for the implementation or not.

The only problem is that we, the users, have not the slightest idea of what he is working on and when it will be implemented.
In the past there was a sort of road map. We than had any idea of what was coming up. Now we are waiting and waiting and we know nothing. That is sometimes very frustrating. @Lubos doesn’t respond on any mails/posts in this forum relating to or referring to what is in the plans. Some more information from him would be very welcome. I sincerely hope he will read this post and that he starts providing us with information about what is going on.

I never stated otherwise. I think @lubos is very pleased with such an active forum.

@Hennie i totale agree.

@Hennie I know how it feels, but I also know @lubos has too much to do. There are features that call for a complete restructuring of the coding and some that only require some adding of a few lines of coding I imagine.
We should be patient and let build it together as we wait for our feature request to be added. In the meantime, I request you guys to also push this app to get the recognition it deserves.

Write a review at

Also, share the home page on your statuses, talk about

tweet about it etc. we have to let the world know of this amazing resource going for free for the desktop

I’m sure @Lubos has a lot to do. No doubt about it. What we don’t know is how much time it takes or what the complexity is of requested features. I know the users have a lot of patience. There is a Dutch saying: “don’t look in the mouth of a given horse” or in other words, be happy with what you get for free, but we are not only desktop-users who use Manager for free, but there are also users who pay for the software. I appreciate what @Lubos is doing, but at least share information about that what you are doing, or in other words give us back our roadmap.

I agree with you that we all should write a review and let the world know of this amazing software for free.

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