Copy Invoice to Credit Memo

I issued a couple of credit notes yesterday to clear invoices for a couple of members annual dues who when the got the invoices decided that they did not intend to renew their membership this year after all. First time I’ve used the credit notes.

All worked fined except that I had to manually key in and recreate each of the offsetting invoice lines to reverse the previously recorded revenue items then carefully select the invoice to offset.

Since these were credits in the amount of the original invoice it would be great if I could have
copied the invoice to create and offsetting credit memo. The copy would copy the invoice lines to the credit note and set the credit offset against the invoice number from which the credit note was copied. So that is my feature request. The ability to copy a customer invoice to an offsetting credit memo.

Thanks for considering.

I thought it’s already possible. When you go to View sales invoice, you can click Copy to... button and select Credit note.

Huh - When I click Copy to I get two options only:

  • New Purchase Invoice
  • New Recurring Sales Invoice

I do not have an option to copy to credit note.

You are right. I didn’t realize it wasn’t implemented yet. Check the latest version (15.2.36) to see it.