Debit note/credit note overpayment invoicenumber related instead of date related

First of all I would like to compliment you with this outstanding software! Even my husband understands it :bulb: :+1:

There is just one thing I hope is possible to change. I have a big problem with my debit note’s from suppliers, credit note’s for customers and overpayments.

Every financial input in suppliers and customers is date related. When I make a debit note and want to write it of to another invoice you get very strange balance amounts. I know I make them correctly because when I change the date of the debit/credit or overpayment to the related invoice date, it is processed right.

The automatic credit allocations on/off does not matter. The automatic transition/overpayment to credit and date’s seems to be my biggest problems. I really need the correct payment date’s for my debit/credit invoice’s even the correct overpayment date linked to the related invoice.

When I make a debit note in suppliers I need to use the correct date because the vat needs to be on the correct date. And I don’t want the credit to write of another outstanding invoice of that supplier.
I have tried making a positif purchase order. I have tried to reconciliate through journal and bank entry’s but nothing is giving me the correct invoice rest amount. When I anti-date the debit/credit/overpayment to the same date of the relating invoice it does give the correct amount.

Is there (going to be) an option possible to make the accounts payable and receiveable invoice number related and overrule the automatic credit/overpayment allocations?

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I have solved my biggest problem. I deleted everything and made sure that the automatic credit allocations where off. When I entered everything new in the system, everything was linked correctly. Still I find the supplier credits transaction page messy. A debit note can not be reconciled with a payment like the normal suppliers invoice’s. Is this going to be an option?

Debit note can be either allocated to existing purchase invoice or it will be posted to Supplier advance payments account which means if you are getting credit note from supplier (debit note) and refund, then you enter debit note first, then you enter received money from supplier and allocate it to Supplier advance payments account.

I’m aware some screens with transactions don’t explain well those transactions at glance, this is something I still need to work on more.

As for automatic credit allocations, don’t turn them off. This option will be eventually depreciated and it won’t be possible to turn off automatic credit allocations. The reason why this option is available is because automatic credit allocations is fairly new feature and I’m making sure it will work for all use-cases.

So just turn automatic credit allocations back on and then let’s see what issues arise for your use case. I’m sure I will be able to find solution.

I now turned the credit allocations back on and now every balance is correct :tada:
I still don’t know the difference with my new input of everything but I must have done something
wrong the first time :flushed:
Is it possible to give debit note’s an (internal) information field?
Thank you very much for your help.

Check the latest version (15.1.22). You can now add custom fields to debit notes too.

Great, Thanks!