How to add Uncategorized Expenses to the Profit and loss Statement

Any help on how to add uncategorized expenses to the profit and loss statement sheet

What are uncategorized expenses? Can you show screenshot?

Every expense should be allocated to an appropriate account when you record the transaction. If you fail to do that, Manager will automatically post it to Suspense. If you are referring to expenses that do not fit into the categories you have set up in your chart of accounts, it is always a good idea to have an account for the occasional, unanticipated expense. Usually, such an accounts called Other Expenses, Miscellaneous Expenses, or something similar.

I had the same issue.
You need to go to settings and go to Multi Step Income Statement.
You will find the uncategorized are the ones that dont have a “Group Value” e.g. Operating Expenses.

@Pete, your version is out of date. Multi-step income statements have been eliminated. Now, you must reorganize within the chart of accounts.

I downloaded software from website yesterday.

From what web site? What version do you have? Did you download directly from

If you mean that you have accounts listed under a sub-heading “Uncategorized” in the Chart of Accounts, that means you haven’t allocated them a Group. Edit the account and allocate them a group.

If no groups are listed, them you need to create them under “New Group” i.e. Sales or Income, Expenses

I have 16.1.12 direct from this website and I have this option available. :slight_smile: