Conversion from Reckon Quicken Accounts Pro 2013

Hi evaluating manager to see if it would meet our needs. Reckon has just decommissioned our software - we are taking it to ACCC but in the meantime doing our homework on our alternatives. Has anyone converted from Reckon Quicken Accounts Pro 2013 to this software or is it just manual?
We have years worth of data we would ideally like to import …Thanks

Wholesale conversion of historical accounting data to Manager would require custom transition software. That is generally true of any two accounting programs, as database structures differ widely, even between products by the same software vendor. Seldom would that be affordable or necessary. Manager has several features that facilitate migration from prior accounting systems. See these Guides:


There have been many, transferring to Manager. But the point to remember, is this, you don’t have to convert your existing data to Manager.

If you have Quicken Accounts Pro 2013 as a downloaded, then you will always have it, even five years from now regardless of the “no longer officially suppored”

Actually that is not true - they (Reckon) have deregistered a perpetual licence and the software is now only read only BUT that is another story…

Have you tried changing the operating system date to a earlier date.
This will always confuse software validity dates.