Control accounts

I have set up a control account for a Captial account

and I have made entries to it
it has flowed through to the capital Accounts report Great works well
but can I set it up so I can have drawings, funds intro, share of profit
So in the balance sheet I can drill down and see what the account is made up of
screen shot of balance sheet where capital account is sitting

You will need enter the drawings using a capital sub account and to drill down to the drawings transactions create a Capital Account Summary under Reports.

ok So what I have done is a journal entry to the current account I made as a control account

I want it in the balance sheet not the actual capital accounts
So How do I get a report of that and Drawings and share of profit ?
I dont seem to be able to find the Current Account - James in the custom reports
or have I done it wrong
If I try and put it to capital accounts as funds intro it says not found

But I have it in the capital accounts
What I would like if possible is
To have the one account in the balance sheet Current account - James
then be able to do a report with total of funds intro, Share of profit, Drawings, Account total Debit/credits if possible

So have I not done it right from the start?
The reason why I would like this is for continuation purposes from clients last accountant to me

You cannot show the capital sub accounts in the balance sheet. You can attach the Capital Account Summary to the other financial reports to supplement them.

Got it I worked it out so this is how I set it up in chart of accounts

with each one in green to group to yellow

then in the report I collapsed the account

then when I drill down on the account in the balance sheet it comes up with this report that I can print