Control Account for suppliers

I’ve just create an account i named it “Advance to Supplier” control account “Suppliers”

when I made a payment nothing appears on Supplier List

  • Same issue when I’ve Created “Advance from Client

This is not how control accounts work. What are you trying to achieve? When paying to supplier in advance, why don’t you just allocate it to Accounts payable account?

No need for special Advance to Supplier account.

If the account contains balances then the invoices will be paid automatically

You can create custom subsidiary ledger for supplier prepayments which you want to isolate from outstanding invoices.

Create control account as you did but make it so it’s made up of Special accounts, not Suppliers.

Then enable Special Accounts tab and create supplier(s) under this tab as special accounts.

@Oula_Al Go to suppliers and edit the supplier and all the way at the bottom you should see control account, select the control account you created and save.

@wahab Thanks

then when I receive the supplier invoice how I can pay it from special account I was create, is it from Journal Entry.


No. Movements of money into or out of the company cannot be entered through journal entries. All must occur within the Cash Accounts tab. To pay an invoice select Accounts payable and the supplier’s subaccount. You can select a specific invoice if you want.

I know, this is in general, my steps & question are:
1- I pay a down payment to supplier
2- I do not want to use Account Payable as I do not want the other invoices to be closed
3- I created a special account “as above” and record the downpayment
4- I received the invoice from the supplier which is already paid
5- I have to close the invoice from Advance Account “Special Account”, How?

Previously I used “Supplier Credits” then the invoice closed automatically, which is not available now

Use journal entry to credit special account and debit accounts payable.

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