Contributions: correct process

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I am have trouble with the contributions. I have 2 forms of contributions (Superannuation & Long Service Leave). I have them as payroll liability as the liability account and Wages as the expense account.

When converted to Manager a few months back i inputted all of our financials, to date, and the contributions and deductions worked perfectly. They show on the contributions report exactly how they should. Now i enter a new pay slip with the same contributions listed (varying monthly amounts) and they are not showing up on the contributions report at all. I pay both monthly at the start if the following as a total tally of each (total monthly super and total monthly long service). I cannot figure out why i can’t get them to show in the contributions report! Am i posting incorrectly into expense and/or liability accounts paying the invoice incorrectly i have no idea why they shown for all the months i manually inputted but not now for current months/payslips.

You need to post screen images of the payslip items (edit screens) and of the payslips themselves to help understand where you have gone wrong

Also check the dates on the contribution report

SOLVED: I am so sorry it was user error… I was to busy trying to think it was a complex issue when it was just (embarrassingly) a date range issue. For march it was inputted as 01/03/2019 -31/03/2018

Thanks again for your time.

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