Changes to Contributions in Payslip


I made some small errors in calculating company ‘Contributions’ in the Payslips (i am the only employee in my own company). I have since payed the small excess amount from the companies bank account to the outside authorities, but I have not yet recorded it in Manager. What is the best way to record this in Manager?

My thoughts were to just change the figure in the Payslips, but that will not correlate with my bank statement date. However, I am wondering if this really matters at the end of the year accounts.

No, this will not matter. The payslip only creates the liability to pay the employee or outside entity. So you can edit it to correct the mistake. The payslip did not go to the outside authorities. You have apparently corrected whatever filing you made with them in order to send in the additional payment.

The payment is what discharges the liability. It makes no difference that the liability is divided among several payments. Record the payments as of the dates you made them, in the amounts you made them. Post them to the same accounts.

Thank you Tut.