Automating calculations in Payslips

Dear Joe,
There are three items, payslips earnings, payslip deductions and payslip contributions, but in the payslip contributions under liability account there is no matching items. kindly assist

Please read the Contribution Items part at Set up payslip items | Manager very carefully and ensure you assigned the right accounts.

For more specific help, you need to post screen shots of the EDIT screens of the items and of the liability account you want to use

PDF link deleted for security.

Do not post pdfs - they are not allowed

Post the screen shots directly in the reply - I use the Windows Snip tool and paste the results into the body of the reply

Please use an image and not a PDF (delete it). In any case you did not assign a liability account (is showing the suspense account!). So make sure you created as per guidelines a liaibility account and assign it where it now shows suspense.


You have to create a Liability account and link it to the Payslip Contribution Item

This is all explained in great detail in the guide Eko linked to above - which you do seem to have accessed

How do I link it, kindly assist

Can I link like this

See how to create liability account at Design a chart of accounts | Manager
Name is something useful like “Retirement fund referrals” as explained in Set up payslip items | Manager

Allocate this Payslip Contribution to the liability account where you currently have “Suspense”.

Thank you very much, now is fine.

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