Contacts autocomplete in bank transactions


Can the CONTACT file/list be edited or pruned?


If by “CONTACT” you mean a customer, yes. Under the Customers tab, click on Edit for the customer you wish to delete. At the bottom of the screen is a Delete button. But, of course, Manager will not let you delete a customer for whom there are transactions, because that would throw the books off.


The bank account transaction sheet has a DESCRIPTION and CONTACT columns. The contact coumn has a memory associated with it. It is this memory I am referring to.

Hope this clarifies my query.


I don’t see any memory in that column. For Spend money transactions, I can edit the Payee’s name and the change shows up immediately. If I delete the name, the field shows blank. For Receive money transactions, the same is true for the recipient’s name. What exactly are you doing that demonstrates this memory? I’m interpreting your comment to mean that a contact persists in the transaction list after you’ve done something you believe should change it.


The contact column contains the Payee field which, when edited, does have a memory ie if part enter a payee, a selection of similar appears. It may be better phrased as Payee change

I hope this makes my point clearer.


Yes, @muffin, that is clear. I have no idea exactly how that is implemented, but it functions more as an autofill capability than a memory within the transaction list. As nearly as I can tell, when you spend or receive money (or edit one of those transactions) and begin to enter a name, Manager offers a list of those with whom you’ve had transactions before that contain whatever you’ve typed. I don’t know of any way to edit or delete that list.

Personally, I find it convenient in several situations:

  • I can’t remember a payer/payee’s full name
  • I do a lot of business with one person and get tired of entering the full name
  • I want to maintain consistency in my records, rather than, for example, having some things listed under Robert M. Smith, some under Bob Smith, some under Bobby Smith, and some under R. M. Smith

If you don’t care to use the feature, you can always just keep typing. There is no requirement to choose something from the dropdown list. As the list grows longer and it becomes inconvenient to look through so many names, just type another couple of letters and that generally reduces the options quickly.

@lubos will need to decide whether there is enough interest in an editing capability to add such a feature.


Yeah, it’s just autocomplete for convenience. When you start typing into Payee field, Manager will look up what has been typed in there before to offer some suggestions. I think suggestions are even sorted by frequency by which they have been used so very rarely used contacts shouldn’t pop up too often once you have some history. Is that a problem?


No problem. List being frequency dependent is reassuring. Just wondered if there was a list of payees that could be edited.

Thanks for the replies.