Contact/payee/vendor list

I think it would be ideal to have a tab for “Contacts/Payees” that we can pre-fill with names of recurring/frequent payees - and make it easier to mass edit previous entries by simply changing their name within this area, instead of on a per-payment or batch update which is non-trivial for an average user.

Use case - we just input 5 years worth of bank fees just to discover the Payee name needs to be changed.

Entry form would be similar to “Employees”.

Also - why can I not select a category on the forum? Is this reserved for moderators?

What would be the point? There is already an autofill function. Start typing a name, and potential matches appear. Payees are not associated with any ledger in the program, so there is no need for the data.

Why? When migrating to Manager from another accounting system, you should just enter necessary starting balances, not prior transaction records. See (The exception is outstanding invoices from before the start date. See and