Edit manager suggestion on payee/payer field


Manager automatically suggests me previously recorded entries as I type.

It’s happened that I entered a customer name in lowercase first, and later on, changed it to Uppercase.

Now, every time i start typing the same name, Manager suggests me the same name in both uppercase or lowercase.

How can I edit/delete one of the two?


If you edited the original transaction’s lowercase to uppercase then the lowercase should disappear, if not perhaps a lower case still exists - let me illustrate.

1 - Listing with both cases

2 - New transaction shows both cases

3 - Edit original transaction

4 - Now new transaction shows only one case

Actual customers include only those defined under the Customers tab. They can be edited there. But your title suggests you are referring not to customers, but Payers. These cannot be edited, because they are simply previous entries. But the auto-suggestion list is only 5 options long. So after a few more Payers are entered, odds are the nuisance entry will no longer appear.

Yes they can, look at the above illustration.

Thanks Brucanna.
Problem solved!

Thanks. This seems to be an unannounced improvement. Older versions used to offer up entries that had been made, even if they’d later been changed. This might have happened when the transactions tabs were combined. Hopefully, it’s also related to the promised ability to eventually link cash sales and purchases to customer and supplier accounts, statements, etc.

No, it has always been the case as far as I can remember, here is an earlier topic:

I notice your reference is older than the tab combination, so that can’t be when it happened. But it’s still fairly recent. There are other threads that suggest it used to be different, but none are specific enough to really answer the question:

In this one (and the responses that follow), several regular forum contributors are trying to guess how the program works: