Consolidating specific administrations

There is a need to consolidate some administration from one cutomer. Does someone has the same issue? And if so, is it possible in one way or another to consolidate the accounts of the P&L statement and the Balance Sheet?

What do you mean?

Do you mean a trial balance?

What I mean that one customer has many more seperate companies. But at the end, we are obliged to consolidate all the accounts of the different balance sheets and P&L statements in one consolidated balance sheet en PL statement for this customer. Due to fiscal requirements. Is this possible in a indirect manner, for instance download in Excel and then sum up all the numbers?

Manager has no capability to combine businesses. You should read the Guide about divisions.

if they are truly setup as separate businesses then you should run the necessary reports and statements susch as P& L reports for each and then manually create a new report or setup a separate business where you only list the essentual totals of the separate reports and create a new reports and statements for that business.

As @Tut explains there is no way combining businesses and reports in Manager and frankly I have not see any accounting software that does. For fiscal reasons a business registered by authorities need to report on that business.

If there are more business units but under the same business then you should have used as @Tut suggested the Divisions function in Manager (see guides).