Consolidated reports

I am running chain of store (running three shops at different locations). I am using Manager, and have created separated account for each shop. Its going fine. But now I would like to know that is it possible to see a consolidated Income Statement and Balance Sheet for these three shops.

If you mean that you have created three separate businesses you cannot see a consolidated income statement and balance sheet for all three businesses.

If all three shops are one business legally, then you need to create one business (set of accounts) in Manager. You can break up the income by creates sales for business a, sales for business b and sales for business c if you want or you can use tracking codes and have one sales account for all three shops.

The purpose of having more than one business in Manager is to enable you to create separate accounts for the taxman.

can I have separate P&L for each businesses then total it as consolidated P&L?

No. Each business is a completely separate accounting entity. But if the separate businesses are part of the same legal entity, you can use tracking codes to separate income and expenses and monitor individual profitability.

In this case , We treat Tracking code as Business Unit. I wanted you to feature assigning individual roles of users by tracking code

Nothing prevents you from doing that, @ishaqster.