Consolidated financial statements

I have several companies using Manager as bookkeeping and I wish to generate consolidated balance sheet and income statement of the several companies to view the consoldated results. In doing so, I need to export the financial statments of the several companies into excel and prepare a consol spreadsheet plus some consol adjustments. Is there a consol module in Manager that can automate the process of preparation of consolidated accounts? Thanks!

you can export the reports of each company to excel and consolidate them.

There isn’t a consolidation capacity in Manager yet but as a workaround read below.

You could set up a separate Manager business called “Consolidation” with a Master BS & P&L chart of accounts which caters for all the other businesses variants. This business would “only” have the default tabs activated - Summary, Journal, Reports & Settings so there are no complications from Control Accounts.

Then via Journal entry transpose the respective BS & P&L figures, possibly utilising a tracking code for each business to as to have comparable reporting. These Journals, once setup for each business, would be overwritten for each new period - August overwrites July with a date change.

The BS could have a intercompany section for the elimination of intercompany current accounts.