Consignment Reporting


There are a lot of issues regarding consignment record keeping.
I opened a business just the keep track of consignment items in my shop, so:

  1. Supplier - Consignment Supplier
  2. Customer - My business
  3. Inventory, all the consignment inventory with the supplier as a custom field.

So i firstly create a purchase invoice for the items then i take receipt of the goods.
End of the month once the items has been sold i process a sales invoice on behalf of my company.

Everything works great i think but for the reporting. Currently i draw three reports:

Inventory quantity movement
inventory value movement
Sales invoice.

This give me the items sold, current inventory quantity available and current value of inventory available.

I want to generate a report whereby i can see all on one report:

Opening stock count, opening stock value, sales and closing stock value, plus closing stock count.

Any suggestions?

Search the forum. There have been many prior, detailed discussions of consignment selling. The important thing to understand is that your business does not own anything held on consignment. So none of the inventory features of Manager really apply. They are not designed for that, and their hard-coded features are not intended to work.

If you can make something work for you, good luck. But this really cannot be discussed in terms of proper accounting.

Yes they do, it just the way in which you apply them.

Another extremely naïve comment. How do you think consignment businesses operate - on improper accounting. What @ruarco has described is nothing more then operating a business division (consignment) via a separate Manager business and consolidating rather than within the one Manager business - and there is absolutely nothing improper about that.

You don’t need to operate this through a separate business but if you are comfortable with that structure than that’s perfectly okay. But by the use of control accounts, inventory locations etc you can keep the whole operation within the one business.

Regardless of your separate businesses, or combined, the creation of the “Consignment” Purchase Invoices should always be quantity only, no money values. If you have agreed to a fixed value rather then a commission then that can always be recorded via a custom field.

Albeit, neither structure is going to resolve your specific reporting request.