Consignment and customer ledger

Good day all,

I’m having a massive headache trying to get a customer to pay me going back many months.

I originally gave them a consignment stock which they partly sold before returning the rest. This was paid for but then I gave them more consignment stock and this time they returned the balance but didn’t pay. I have sent them a receipt for the sold stock along with a statement in an email threatening legal action if they do not pay. Their accounting department came back asking for a ledger and I’m a little confused as to what they’re asking for.

I don’t track stock on my manager accounts or consignment stock which i only did once for this customer. Am I to create journal entries for the consignment stock going back and forth, use a special account or some other method to give them what they want? I don’t have the first clue how to go about this and any help will be appreciated.

Wouldn’t it be better to ask them what they want exactly?

I have asked and am awaiting a reply, but by now I know they are just making it as difficult as possible for me to get the money so I will have to provide them with something showing the consignment going back and forth as the store likely didn’t communicate with the accounting department. So I need a way to show that.

It seems they want to know the balance they owe you after reducing the price of returned goods.

Make sure you have issued Sales Invoices for all goods you sent them.
Then issue necessary Credit Notes for the goods they have returned back to you.
Record the payment you have received in the Receipts tab against the necessary sales invoice.
Then generate a Customer Statement under Reports for the whole period.

I have issues all the relevant sales invoices and generated 3 separate statements for them by this point so they know exactly what they owe.
The credit notes might be a good addition, but the problem is the sales notes etc only reflect what was sold, and credit notes will show what comes back but not the consignment which originally went to them so how do I show them that?

After you properly record all the credit notes and payments received, the customer statement report will provide you all the details of inward and outward movements of both goods and money.

So it is the customer statement that you will need to send them at the end.

Delivery Note signed by customer seems to me the only legal document.