Sell inventory of Customer and then Pay Customer

So we take jewelry items of our customers and then sell it and then give customer the money keeping our profit. How do I account for this? There are 2 scenarios for this. 1) We don’t pay anything to the customer, just take the items, give them some kind of credit note? stating this is the amount we will be sell their inventory for. Then when sold, manager io shows the profit made on that inventory item. 2) Scenario is where I want to give a customer a kind of credit note that says here is what I will pay you after selling your items but here some amount I will pay up front.

How do I manage that in Manager IO. Also credit note doesn’t work to show the profit at the end of this transaction cycle. Here is exactly what I did. Made a payment for the item I am taking from the customer call it inventoryitem and amount it for 100 USD. Then in the second line item -50 USD to show in the payment receipt I owe the customer 50 USD after the item is sold.

The subject of consignment sales has been discussed many times previously in the forum. Please search before starting new topics. Whatever approach you decide to use, credit notes should not be part of it. Credit notes reverse sales invoices. And do not treat consignment articles as inventory. You don’t own them.

Have a read through this topic Putting others consigned goods into my inventory

The suggestion in the last post could be very effective.