Concept BTW aangifte (Dutch VAT) incorrect?

Hi guys, I filed my VAT today. I noticed that the Concept BTW aangifte does not calculate the 5a category correctly. In Q2 the VAT amount on 4b is not added to the total in 5a in my report. Then I checked the VAT report of Q1 2023. And there the 4b tax amount is added to the 5a but now the 4a tax amount was not?!? I probably updated Manager in the meantime. I’m currently working in version I also checked the VAT codes used. I saw nothing out of the ordinary.

I hope the amounts shown in 1a to 4b are correct, so the Tax Authorities calculate the 5a correctly. But my accounting guts don’t like it when calculations are incorrect in my accounting system…

Does anybody of the Dutch users experience the same problems? If not, what can I check to explain the differences?

It should be working fine. But either way, even if it’s not, it would have no effect on your net amount of BTW which is in field 5c.

When you drill down into field 4b, what kind of transactions are in there? Purchase invoices or journal entries?

Ah, it is a purchase invoice with billable expenses! I think the latter is the issue. Yep, and in the Q1 report the 4a issue is also a billable expense. I buy items for escape games I develop for my customers and the things I buy I charge them 1:1 so I use billable expenses a lot.

Both expenses have been invoiced. For some reason the billable expenses are not added up in the totals in 5a.

And no, the total in 5c is not correct due to the fact 5a is incorrect.

Alright. I actually knew about this issue for a while now. Manager thinks it’s a “sale” and therefore it is ignoring those transactions for the purpose of BTW report.

I’ve been mentioning it before but eventually I will need to revert to different tax code structure.

5c field is calculated independently of other fields so even if 5a is not correct, it won’t affect what’s in 5c. You can verify it on the test file.

Thank you Lubos, 5c is indeed correct. Fortunately, the expenses are visible in 4a and 4b, so for Tax registration purposes it works fine. We have to keep in mind that the total in 5a is not reliable.

That different tax code structure we’ve indeed discussed before.

FYI I’ve been a financial software trainer for years. That (original) UK software (used by middle and large companies) uses some very interesting design solutions. If you need any advise on how it solved functionality issues, don’t hesitate to reach out. Just for inspirational purposes of course.