Bug in Concept BTW aangifte

I was preparing my Tax reporting voor Q2 and by accident I’ve noticed that the Concept BTW aangifte report has been changed. By adjusting the layout, the fields have been messed up!

  1. 0 decimals is the default for this report, with special rounding down on category 1-3 and rouding up on category 4 an 5b
  2. the Omzetbelasting fields 4a and 4b are rounded down incorrectly (by a factor 100). Eg 9 euros in the previous version of the report is now reported as 977,76 euro’s!
  3. That mistake continues in the totals of 5a, 5b and 5c. The totals are unusable.

I’ve update to the latest version and the problem still exists.So can you please fix this in time? The next Tax report moment will be July first-July 30th!

Report transformations are not updated by updating the program. You must download the new localization (the report) separately.

This issue (or at least part of it) was fixed. See VAT Declaration for NL not populating correctly. Download the new localization according to this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/22137. See if that fixes the problem.

Thank you, Tut!

I’m sorry I didn’t find the topic. Maybe you could add Concept BTW aangifte in one of your replies in that string so it pops up when looking for it. Thank you.