Company Seal

How to attached a company seal in the existing themes just below the company name? Please help if anyone knows. very much appreciated.

Are you referring to a business logo? See the Guide: Add or change a business logo | Manager.

If you do not like the position of the logo, you will require a custom theme. See Customize themes | Manager.

Themes are written in HTML markup language rendered by Liquid templating language.

If your image is fixed, you can inject the following html element at the place of your choice:

<img src="{insert image url here}" />

A simpler solution is to use a custom field. Refer to this guide for more details:

what i mean to insert the company stamp which should be position below after the name of the company

The Guides already linked provide your answer. You may need to hire a local programmer to write your theme if you do not have the skills personally.

ok thank you