Comment line in Quotation/Invoice etc

I’ve been using the paid version for almost six months now, and now have started recommending it to friends. Real Good job!

My post today is for a question i have in mind-

Is it possible for having a comment line Option in the drop down box?

I sometimes divide my quotations into Phase 1, Phase 2 etc and it doesnt look right the Quantity shows as 1, and unit price shows as 0.00. (See Image). Even if i manually delete it, once i save the quotation it shows the Qty and Unit price.

If we could have a comment option in the Account Dropdown box - that will make sure the values of Qty and Unit prices will not show it will help a lot in segregating content.

Please let us know your opinion :smile:

Actually in this case, if unit price is zero and quantity is not entered, qty “1” shouldn’t really be shown on invoice, quote or order when printed. I fixed this in the latest version (15.1.10).

Thanks Lubos. It looks fine now. These are small changes, but it helps giving the quotation a more professional look. Appreciate your help!