Command not found after downloading Manager

I downloaded Manager on my test machine (Lubuntu 20.04 Pentium Core Quad CPU 8GB Ram 500GB SSD), copied it to my Desktop, chmod u+x, made sure the permissions were OK and trusted, and it works great.

I copied it to the production machine with same specs except Celeron J series cpu, did all the same changes and checks, and I get command not found when trying to start from Terminal or just nothing if I try and start from the icon.

What have I missed ??

I think you’d better ask your IT guy/gal?

Yeah ! Trouble is that’s me …

The problem was that libwebkit2gtk was not installed with the new PC but was on the old. Same Lubuntu source, same day.

Somebody hates me.

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Glad you’ve got it fixed :slight_smile: