Show status 'pending' in Receipts & Payments and in bank balance

Is it possible to make the status pending visible at line level in menu “Receipts & Payments”, “Statement balance” and “Actual balance”?

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It looks like you have combined a few things from different tabs. Statement balance and Actual balance columns are under the Bank Accounts tab, not Receipts & Payments. In the Bank Accounts tab, click on any of the blue numbers to see a list of transactions contributing to the balance.

You are right. In a previous version 18.7.79 there was a menu with the bank transitions and it was immediately visible which rules were still pending. This is what I miss now in the new menu ‘Receipts & Payments’

I am not sure what rules you are referring to, @smpons. Bank rules are a completely separate feature from Pending/Cleared status. Bank rules are set under Settings, as they always have been. They are used only when importing bank statements. The same capabilities are still present. Only some buttons have been moved.

Can you be more detailed about what you mean?

in version 18.7.79 the ‘status’ (see image) was visible as a column in the overview of the bestatlings.

I would like to have this as column back in the menus see images

Your second screen shot shows transactions for all Receipts & Payments. Any of these made to or from cash accounts have no Pending/Cleared status. For purposes of that tab, all receipts and payments are of equal status. That is, they have been recorded. Whether they are pending or cleared is irrelevant. Status is used only for reconciling bank statements in the Bank Accounts tab.

Your third screen shot is a drill down on the Actual balance column for a particular bank account. By definition, this column includes all transactions regardless of status. That is what it is for. For a list of only cleared transactions, drill down on the Statement balance column. Every transaction listed will be cleared. For pending transactions, drill down on that column. Every transaction listed will be pending.

The old format made sense in its context, in which Bank Transactions was a separate tab. It no longer makes sense with Receipts & Payments combined. The information is available in the tabs and places where it makes sense without the need for a separate column.

I understand your explanation, but in the old screen I could easily process the bank payments and make pre-entry payments of status changes if it is visible in the bank account.

In 1 screen I have an online bank and another screen with

In the new interface, I always have to switch menus

You can still enter status as you enter payment transactions in the Receipts & Payments tab. You can even set a default status under Form Defaults. No need to switch menus.

That’s right, but I miss the overview in 1 eye.

It would be nice to have the column ‘status’ back again

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What I mean is that I log in to my bank in webbrouwer and write and overwrite the payments in And then it is nice (as before) that you have all payments in 1 screen including those pre-entered with the status panding.

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Is it possible to get the column ‘status’ back in the Bank accounts -> Actuel balance, as it was in version 18.07.49? Please…

I second the reintroduction of the Pending column. In addition to the column being removed, pending transactions affect the Bank Balance column on their posted date making it impossible to tie up the Manager balance on any given day with the balance shown on my bank’s online website. The new method to list pending transactions no doubt has its own use but so did the Pending column and the correct treatment of the bank balance by not taking pending transactions into consideration.