Account protection in new version

@lubos, are accounts that are hard-coded into various modules still protected from deletion with the new account grouping scheme? For example, an account automatically appears to collect income on billable expenses (such as a markup) when the Billable Expenses tab is enabled. Would it be possible to accidentally delete such an account if there were no transactions in it?

As a related issue, might it be possible to indicate such automatic accounts in the Chart of Accounts setup page? (Formerly, their default names appeared in gray, even if they were renamed.)

Control accounts cannot be deleted - even if there are no transactions in it. There is really nothing you can do to break integrity of the system. If there is, then I consider it a bug and will be fixed.

Chart of accounts look will be getting improvements over upcoming days. For example, it will be possible to recognize control accounts. I will be adding custom control accounts so at that point, I will figure out how to make them stand out.