Problem in Custom Control Account for Customers

I created a few custom control account for customer to separate customers by area.


Settings > Chart of Accounts also shows these as control account.


Here, Barguna is the default Accounts receivable control account which I renamed.

A customer for example-


When I make a receipt entry it shows another control account (the default control account)


In the receipt form, the control account can be corrected manually.


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You should not use a built-in control account as a custom control account. Functionalities are different.

Are you suggesting-

When I create a customer, I should not assign the built-in Accounts receivable account and I must assign other custom control account, right?

And, what are the difference in functionality?

That is exactly what I am suggesting.

I don’t know all the functionality differences, but default assignments is one. And I know the developer recommends not repurposing control accounts. Renaming is okay.

I’m still not sure it should be possible to rename built-in control accounts if there are custom control accounts.

I know it looks like a bookkeeping error but Manager will automatically correct this even if the wrong control account is selected. The money will still flow to the correct customer / invoice.

Yes, it could be.

If I create two custom control account:

Area B
Area C

Then, I could rename the default control account:

Accounts receivable > Area A

The question is not whether you can do it. You can. The question is whether you should do it, because of the default functionalities. The developer recommends that you not do it. When it is so easy to create a third custom control account, why would you ignore his advice?

Now I need to understand two simple things:

:blue_square: To view receivables in different area, if I create different custom control account for customers and assign customers to those control account, it’s OK, right?

:blue_square: To view profit in different area, I have to create divisions, assign divisions to customers,and select divisions to every line item in sales invoice or receipt, right?

Yes to your first question.

For your second question, if you have assigned a customer to a division, you should not need to make assignments on individual line items for transactions with that customer.