Activation Code

I just downloaded Manager and installed. When I looked for the activation code on the Download page, I couldn’t see it. What steps am I missing?

Activation code is no longer needed.

Thank you - I realize I downloaded an older version from another site than

@lubos Is there any new way implemented for Sharing our support detail instead Manager, as it was used trough activation codes.

Yes. A Guide on this is being prepared. A preliminary draft of that Guide should be visible here: Let me know if you cannot access it.

Thanks for Quick response, Yes i cannot access to it. I get the following message.

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

I was not sure whether you could see it if I gave you the direct link. I knew it would not show up for you in a search.

That Guide will be available on the normal Guides web site later today.

Yes I don’t have access in direct link itself.

@hmdaadil, the Guide is now published: Manager Cloud.

Thanks for the Guide, is there any procedure for Ubuntu as I m Ubuntu user.

Not at this time.