Cloud Edition - Questions about Security

I am new to discover your product and I am impressed with the Desktop version.
As I am evaluating your offerings, I have a few questions for you:

  1. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service appear to be restricted. Is there a reason they are not publicly available on the main page? Would it be possible to review them? I just want to review the general stuff. Are you selling my data, etc.

  1. For the Cloud Edition, If I am a paying customer or otherwise, I am concerned about login credentials and all data stored in the cloud… Do you have public technical specifications regarding your data at rest? Specifically, the level of encryption? For some context, this will be a consideration as PCI and NIST compliance are applicable to me here in the USA. Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure would make me happy. On premise single site without offsite backups or encryption at rest… would really scare me.

Thank you and it looks like you have something of the highest quality going on here!

Cloud edition is hosted on Amazon AWS. This is how you can select region where you want to have cloud edition deployed. All regions are run by AWS.

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Fantastic. And thank you for the instant reply!

What are your thoughts on the privacy policy question?

Those topics are actually accessible by different links:

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@lubos thank you again!

Hi I am trying cloud edition, but i’m concerned about the speed.
when i open the site it takes quite more time than any other usual heavy site, also importing a backup takes too much long. can you please guide