Cloud, desktop, GitHub version timing

I noticed when I downloaded a backup from the cloud that I couldn’t open it in the latest desktop version. Fortunately, I had a backup from a few days prior so could use that instead. The latest version on GitHub seems to be from a month ago so I couldn’t get a newer version there either. Is it fair to expect that the available desktop version will generally be some days, or maybe a week or so, behind the cloud version?



I guess you are mentioning the previous repository. The new one is here.

Thanks Mark. Ok, so the cloud version is a few days ahead of everything else then.

I was wondering the same, @Lubos it seems that you only make updates to the cloud version and that server and desktop versions are now lagging being at v22.6.20.110 while you posted recently some “must be fixed in” that indicate version differences. Please let them remain in sync.