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You can solve this issue in Excel with an additional table which contains the result of Tax Code Batch Create export. You past the results inside this table. Than inside the main table you insert the tax name and you convert it in the correct tax code with a VLOOKUP function which translate the tax name into the correct tax code. In this way, if you have different business everything will be dinamically and not statically linked.

Tax codes imported as part of country localisation are imported with their UUID to enable country specific reporting. In the past most countries had localisation which imported standard tax codes. As a result tax code UUID are/were constant for each country. This feature was recently removed.

UUID for individual business generated database entries are unique to that business. That is why batch update is done on each tab to extract all entries and the key / UUID. External database tools can then be used to construct new batch create entries complete with UUID fields

That’s why I told him that it is not possible. Let’s hope for a solution for this by @Lubos. We should be able to inport all the settings, including Tax Codes and Chart of Accounts and so to have fixed UUIDs.

was going down that route of thought, until your message above “wrong they will be different”. Had to test it out, perhaps i was lucky. but i just created 3 companies and 7 tax codes in eachhgt, all entered in same sequence and all and the field Line.TaxCode matched precisely for all 3 companies. This affirms that it is possible to create basic tax codes and share same setup across the board, perhaps we had misunderstanding between us.

Check out below

Did you create one company with tax codes and “cloned it” or three different companies and then create tax codes in the same order inside each one?

In the first case they obviously will be the same.

In the second case you don’t have guarantee that they will be the same. Don’t know exactly how the engine works (maybe @lubos, the developer, can clarify this definitively) but in any other SQL database the generation of UUID is random. I think that if you do any other type of accounting between one code and another the keys will change. So if you will have to add an additional tax code or an account in the CoA they will have different UUID for sure since in the meantime you may have done different thing in different businesses.

In any case, you cannot base your solution on something which is not standard. As said, if you don’t want to have problems, and if you decide to move as you are planning you will, it is better if you base your linkage to the tax name which you can control by yourself.