Uncleared credit card item

I enter credit card transactions from the credit card receipts.
When the monthly statement comes in I reconcile it to manager.
This time there is one item on manager that does not appear on the statement. (I have checked thoroughly that it is a credit card receipt and I have no idea why it should be missing from the statement.)
I would like to keep the item on the system but show it as uncleared. I do not seem to be able to find a ledger “uncleared payment” which I presume would be under liabilities?
How do I do this please.

Uncleared payments is under Bank Accounts. When you first select the tab, you will see the list of accounts. Under the Uncleared Payments column, click the blue number (if you haven’t used the feature, it will be a dash.

Yeah, if the transaction doesn’t appear on your bank statement, it must be deleted from Statement balance column and re-created under Uncleared payments column.

If I have understood you correctly I am going to delete the whole item from the credit card account (that’s quite quick) then have to recreate it in uncleared? This seems a long winded way to have to deal with this. I am fortunate it is only one item; I wouldn’t be happy if I had several to do. Isn’t there a quicker way?

How did you create that transaction in the first place? Normally you wouldn’t create it at all so there would be nothing to delete.

I enter all my credit card transactions on the day I use my card to pay for the items. This is my own personal account and not one of my clients and in this way I know how much my bill will be when it comes in. It’s never had an error on the credit card statement before.

I see. Maybe that’s the best workflow what you are doing. The only problem is that if something goes wrong (transaction won’t appear on bank statement), you will need to delete it and re-create it as uncleared payment.