Cheque Number Entry

As I told you I am professional accountant. I think, there should be a tab regarding “Cheque Book Entry” where we can input cheue number serially. It is very important for money spend from any bank account. Cheque number is a strong referance for any kind of banking data entry. Every accounting software has this field. Please think about it.

I think you could use the reference number at the top of the spend money form for cheque numbers.

Yes, it may be. But I am recording voucher number on " Ref # " field. Your software does not show any number of any kind of entry. It is very important to know voucher number in every data entry so that we can track and find in future.

What’s the difference between “voucher number” and “cheque number” ?

Voucher is a document which are written manually by an accountant. All over the company, any kind of business have to made this. Internationally there are three types of voucher are followed. “Debit Voucher” which is made for all expenses purpose. “Credit Voucher” which is made for all kind of receipt and “Journal Voucher” which is made for all other transaction like adjustment entry. All documents should keep in file by serially for future reference and audit purpose. Audit is an related word of accounting. Every company have to audit of his accounts periodically. So numbering is very important for find out quickly. If you go to any bank and deposit money there, you will see, banker will write anything on the deposit slip. That means, he has posted this document into software. If any problem arise, he will able to find out this entry quickly. Hope you understand about the necessity of voucher number.

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Yes there has to be a voucher number entry (record reference) and a cheque number. they serve different purposes in accounting.

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