Checking sent e-mails

This is great software, but I have a small issue, and I’m sure you will put me right on this, but how can I check to make sure an invoice / quote has been delivered when I e-mail it?
I have looked and can’t find anything


Later this month, you will be able to set BCC of all outgoing emails, this way you will have some record of emails that have been sent to your customers. As to how to tell for sure whether your customer has received an email with your invoice, nature of emails is that in many cases it’s not possible to tell (and for good reason - think of spammers)

Hi Lubos.
Thanks for the response. I now understand

You mentioned that we would soon be able to BCC e-mail so that we could send a copy to ourselves to confirm that mail had been sent. This would be really help full. When do you think you will be able to implement it?

A small related usability issue here is that each time I send an invoice through mail, I have to correct the sender email address to my own. Perhaps it would be nice to include an email field in the settings > business details, and use that value as default sender email?

You can already do it under Settings -> Email settings

If you don’t see Email settings, go to Settings, click Customize button and enable Email settings


Hi Lubos.
I have followed your instructions, ans still can’t receive a copy of the invoices / quotes that I send