Charts of Account

Hello team ,
I have been trying to add new account ( charts of Account ) after following all the procedures of opening it ( New account then selecting the Group of account ) , the account seem not to appear when am preparing my Vouchers in my drop down list but in charts of accounts it exists ,please assist

Groups are not accounts. Only accounts and Special accounts will appear for transactions

Please read these guides

That special account i created doesn’t appear in my drop down list

Non Current Asset

Technical Tools5005


Furniture & Fittings5002

Motor Vehicles5003

Office Equipment5004

Please see above list of my accounts under Non Current assets ( Technical tools is the one created and cant be found in drop down list

You need to post screen images of your chart of accounts and the edit screen for the account in question to get further help

Listing the accounts as you have done does not show what kind of account you have created

The guides @Abeiku linked to are quite clear on how to create accounts, Special accounts and Account Groups so maybe you should read them again

You can not post transactions to a special account only to sub-accounts within the Special account

If they are Fixed Assets you have to create the Fixed Assets before you can post to them

Read the Guide Purchase fixed assets | Manager

What exactly do you mean by “Vouchers?” Voucher is not a term used by the program. It could mean almost anything. What specific transaction type are you preparing? Show a screen shot captured with the dropdown list exposed.

Does this post help Accum. Depreciation/Depreciation expense: Custom control/expense accounts - #22 by Patch

When entering purchase cost via invoice or payment, the control account is selected first then the actual fixed asset is selected