Assistance with Australian Tax and setting up business accounts

Is there anyone on the forum who has understanding of both Australian tax rules for small businesses and Manager IO setups? We have set up a small record label selling vinyl records and need some advice to make it easier for us to submit tax returns etc.


thanks for the reply. we have actually already done all of that. read the guides multiple times which are very helpful. also read lots of forum posts and have posted some questions too. we have set up chart of accounts and are managing inventory via Manager. Running the finances through Manager.

we just need some specific advice related to australian tax returns for small business and how we can optimise our setup. we can just go to an accountant but we are checking on here first, to see if there is someone who can advise who also knows the Manager software.

That is indeed what you should do. The forum is about the application not accounting practices, so consult and accountant for questions such as:

Please note that I flagged your first post based on:

This is against the rules, see FAQ - Manager Forum section “Be non-commmercia” I quote (emphasis added):

  • Do not offer or solicit products or services.

Which is why I recommend

If you need more than that you need to see an accountant.

Manager can readily implement required accounting records.
The details of how best to structure your accounts depends on what you need to know to safely manage your business and what electronic data sources you have to work with.

As for accountants who advertise specific knowledge of Manager in Australia, the only group I’m aware of is Prudential Partners but most accountants will be able to provide advice on how to structure your COA to help manage your business.

Apparently Services | VH Accounting and Taxation also have experience with Manager according to Partners | Manager


no worries. i might just delete the post if its controversial.

You cannot delete the post, because there have been responses. The point is, this forum is about the application, not general accounting principles or local regulations.

The post is flagged for soliciting support and willing to pay for it. You as moderator can delete the relevant parts.

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