How to Starting balance equity

How to close Starting balance equity

Can you be more specific? Starting balances are only used when you adopt Manager after previously using another accounting system. They carry over balance sheet accounts from the closeout of the previous system. In other words, they are only the beginning point, and you never “close” or adjust them.

If you have a balance next to Starting Balance Equity, then you haven’t taken up all the correct balances. Do you have a trial balance from your previous system to compare to. Have you taken up the Retained Earnings balance.

Alternatively you may have a debit balance instead or a credit balance or vice versa.
When entering Starting Balance figures don’t use a minus (-) sign, instead select the either debit or credit from the dropdown.

If this doesn’t resolve it, post a screenshot of the Starting Balances Report

Thanks for you
I solved this problem,old balance sheet not correct