Chart of account

I have assets , cash on hand …


The account show journal entries and also I can use Debit and Credit .

But problem is
When you going Receipts & payments there not showing Suspense account Cash on hand

Please tell me about this problem

The suspense account should probably be named “Data entry error” account. Manager puts transactions it it when you have not entered all required data. In that state you accounts are miss leading as it is not clear how half entered transactions will be treated.

You want to take entries out of the suspense account by supplying the required information, no put things in there. See the Clear transactions in Suspense account guide

Btw, using screen capture on the computer running Manager rather than taking a picture of your screen results in images which are much easier to read. Doing so may help you get better support from forum users.

create the Cash on hand under the Cash Accounts tab and not in your Chart of accounts.
read this guide

How I have capital account

And cash account. 156120804041034219286

When I go journal entries I found capital account
Cash account not there…

because cash receipts and payments are recorded within their dedicated tab and not by journal entries.
please read the guides section completely to understand how to use Manager.

Eind of the month how can I close account income and expense … because there not show inventory cost & sales . Journal … … when you customize inventory item it 'll create automatic inventory cost & inventory sales I can’t delete also those account if I make Manuel account the account show from journal… please help me about this matter

You should NOT be using Journal Entries to enter sales, purchases and cash transactions.
You do not close end of month, instead under Summary tab “EDIT” button, modify the dates.

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Read the Guide:

There are Guides covering all the basic operations you might encounter in Manager. You should always read them before posting questions. The Search function is quite good.

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