Changing item price after creating sales order

Unfortunately you are wrong. You may have overlooked the fact that there is a lot of code that needs to be written including queries to the database before you put the simple execute command.


Also, just because something can be done, doesn’t mean that it should be done.

Manager seems to be designed with a clear vision and everything is done with a purpose. Even if the dev decided to add a feature like the one you are requesting, a more complicated approach might make sense long-term (rather than just placing random buttons).

Trying to write this in a nice way, the above is not intended as an attack on you or your idea. It’s great that you’re suggesting things you think will be helpful. But it’s probably best to find an alternative for now.

That alternative may be a different accounting system that caters for your unique situation, or it could just as easily be using Manager but updating several records daily with the API - you mentioned that you have programming experience, so you could put together a solution that way.

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Just trying to get my head around what you are trying to do here.

A customer wants to order a collection of inventory items where the price is based on when the order is fulfilled not when the order is placed? Most customers would not be happy with that arrangement.

Or is something else happening, such as

  • is the price change in each item due to exchange rate variability?

  • are all the sub items components in a production order for an internal customer? So do you actually sell the inventory items individually or only combined in a larger product?

  • is it that the prior pricing was never applicable to the current customer. Such as an old order is copied the edited to a new customers quantities and prices (ie used as marking a sale on an order from)

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Thank you for your reply, I know that all here have good intentions … no worries
it is just a situation like if you are stuck with a single issue on one screen but the client is happy with the rest of the program. That’s why I’m trying to find any solution that can cover this side, the rest of the work is completely fine.
Appreciate your efforts, Thank you!

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The complete business life cycle is 1 day maximum 7 days
So every day they buy new items or some of the same items they already have but at different prices
It is Flowers business, which is completely updated every day (Because clients take new orders, buy, and sell EVERYDAY) and wants to keep updating the current products and create new for any new
I tried to convince him by adding new products and mentioning the date in the item name or code but in this case, after 3 months he will have like 5000 items, so the current solution is the best for him
at the same time, he wants to keep working on Manager io because he likes the simplicity of it.

Manager is not really build for that scale of business. The entries will be numerous. Also it will require sufficient staff to do all these entries. I do not think there is anything cheap ready available on the market that will do this as part of accounting. I know that for example Oracle Financials has supply chain add ons but then we talk about hundreds of thousands of dollars in software. I am very familiar with it and even then most depend on sufficient data entry staff pure because of scale. So if the client is happy with Manager you probably should explain all this and definitely increase your charges to the client so you can recruit data entry personnel.


I agree with the comments of other forum members that the change requested is not likely to happen very quickly or at all, but I would suggest that this request is worthy to be considered and put into the ideas category.

It would be good to be able to copy from past sales orders (for example) to a new sales order after Non-Inventory Items and Inventory item sale prices are updated on revision of sales prices.

A new option of “Copy to - with current item prices” would accomplish this.


Or something less wordy … but yeah, that sounds like a better suggestion.

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