Changing headlight from Account to Cash account "Cash Accounts"

With the new update, I found the cash account’s header has been changed to Cash account instead of Account(as a tree account) so as you can see the cash account becomes with no use at all, So what’s the benefit of this change?

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First, please do not send private messages with general questions like this. Your question has been moved to the public forum.

Second, there may be no particular benefit, except to make it clear the account listed is a cash account as opposed to a bank account. Why do you say “the cash account becomes with no use at all?” The addition of a word in the column heading has no impact whatsoever on whether the account is useful.

When i said “the cash account becomes with no use at all?”, I meant the the column heading, As you can see it becomes the same in every transaction and I already selected this particular account, So there no gain of repeating it when I already know what I selected to view.
Meanwhile in the old version the column heading was the account that has been selected of my accounting tree, So it was an addition for me. Hope you get my point and sorry for any inconvenient.
the same account in manager v20.7.55


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To clarify what @Mohamed_Rashad is saying.
In the old version, under the Account column, you saw the account names of the line items used in the transaction - very informative. In the new version you only get the cash account name (Petty Cash) which you are looking at - not very informative.

I don’t understand why Manager keeps tweaking itself so that it removes actual user functionality.


Thanks @Brucanna for your clarification, and for the record, Same column was and still the same in bank accounts, So why it changed in the cash accounts?, That what was my question.

Fixed in the latest version (20.8.50)

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Manager a few months ago changed it’s reporting engine for the new Custom Reports. Since that day everything was based on this new engine even Tab views

I think that while implementing all the views @lubos forgot to insert some pieces of reporting information around. That was not done deliberately since, as everyone can see, he is correcting all those issue very quickly when reported.

@lubos Thanks