[16.3.10] Added "Back order" column to "Inventory Items" tab for negative inventory

When inventory quantity goes negative, Manager will show new column called “Back order” on “Inventory items” tab to indicate how many items have been sold, written-off or consumed by production order without being able to be taken out of inventory yet.

When new items are added into inventory, Manager will automatically process transaction in “Back order” column.

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Excellent! Thanks @Lubos.

Would love to know how should i manage excess quantity in Manager. I am dealing with bulk commodities and the quantity in real life increases almost 10% in quantity every time. For clarity, if i have 100 Tons of a product in stock and start selling them. I’ll always have a surplus of 10 Tons in quantity when I am near to the end of stock in real life. I sell 110 Tons of product out of 100 Tons. What suggestions from your end in my case? Thanks in advance.

This is a very common problem. It is why physical inventory counts are made. Adjustments are made through journal entries in write-on and write-off accounts. Do an internet search about inventory management and you will discover plenty of discussion about inventory control, counting, and management techniques.

That’s a good feature. Always good to know what you need to order before it has to be sent out.


Can anybody help me to explain how this back order things work out ?

And how the allocation of the inventory towards the backorder ?

I made production order but somehow it doesnt allocating automatically.

The back order feature is really helpful and time saving, is there a way that all the back order items come on top of the inventory items tab just like invoices which are unpaid or recievable comes at top in their respective tabs. It would be really helpful that all the items which are back ordered are in view in a single go. As i have 17 pages of inventory items as yet i.e. i have almost 750 items so to check back orders i have to go through all 17 pages

Just click on Back order column, it will sort inventory items by back order qty.