Changes to the system on the go - Cloud version

I noticed suddenly that there is a change happening to the system as and when we use it. My questions are two fold: - first about the change itself.

Why does an item column now show, and how do i use it when I try to pay a portion of salary to an employee?

Also - if I was selling something from inventory stock how do i sell it.

My second question is about the feeling of unstability i get from the cloud version:-

I am starting to feel that there has also to be some sort of check for us in the cloud version to decide if we want the application changed, because I wake up in the morning and come to work to find some changes…which is making me really fear for my data. Considering that I am paying for it, as a cloud user, i need something that is more stable.

Also - I noticed a few weeks ago there was a new description column that suddenly turned up. What am I supposed to fill here when I am actually debiting against a purchase invoice

In that case you don’t use it. Item column would be used only when payment is for inventory items or non-inventory items. If payment is for anything else, then Item column would remain empty and you’d select an account as you did.

In future there might be some checkbox to make Item column invisible if it’s not applicable (e.g. paying for invoice or paying employee etc.) so it doesn’t feel like something should be selected.

By the way, if you don’t use inventory items or non-inventory items, then Item column is not visible at all. So many users didn’t even see any change on their payment screen.

It’s very rare to see some big changes between releases. But this is basically general issue with all cloud-based programs. Not specific to Manager. You might wake up one morning and see that Gmail is quite different.

If there are any issues, they are quickly addressed.

If you are afraid to lose your data, you can always make your backups by clicking on Backup button (even though your data is automatically backed up in the cloud anyway).

As for having an option “not to upgrade”. Sorry, everybody in the cloud edition will be always on the latest version. Imagine situation where you will opt not to upgrade, then feature which you have been waiting for has been finally implemented. You upgrade and all of a sudden you have a lot of issues. My point is, by not upgrading, you are not solving these issues, you are merely deferring them.

Still, if you really want to control when to upgrade, you can’t use cloud edition. You need either desktop edition or server edition. Cloud edition will be always the latest version.

You can leave it empty. Description will show when you try to print the payment or generate supplier statement.

Hmm… I see what you are saying, and agree with your point about upgrades.

I have a question about the item column though. If I sell from inventory, i usually choose the Account as “Inventory Stock” and then choose Inventory item in the next column (from Item codes). Now I see a new Item column which has all item codes. How do i now create a sales invoice or purchase invoice?

When selling inventory items, you no longer need to select an account. You just select the item and account will be selected automatically.

My suggestion would be to have some kind of Bulletin Board Nofitifcation Email System that cloud and desktop users can subscribe to notifying them that the program will be updated on such and such a date and these will be the following changes. It helps to prevent a situation where people come in to work in the morning and find a lot of things have changed and they don’t have time to work out what is going on as they have other things planned to do. Advanced notification would enable users to plan some time in to overview changes in Manager.

I also concur that the description field has been popping up in odd places where I can’t for the life of me think what purpose a description field would serve. I think that I was paying a bill and noticed it.