Change the order of tabs

I would like to change my sales invoice tab to upper and my summery tab is hide, any tab can I access like this?

You can’t change the order of tabs. Summary tab cannot be hidden in desktop edition. Why would want to do that? It’s a summary of your financial position and financial performance, the reason why you use double-entry accounting system in the first place.

I’m gong to be using a great many of the tabs. I also have some vision issues and run my computer at a fairly low resolution to make the fonts bigger. Currently it looks like I would be doing a lot of scrolling up and down to get to the tabs I would use most frequently.
Is there a way to rename them in a way that might rearrange them on the page? (I know you answered above that they can’t be rearranged but I’m hoping that was just in a drag and drop fashion.
Could you consider adding an option when you customize to add a tab that you could at that point suggest a position of the tab numerically?


Would a screen reader like Jaws or NVDA be of use to you.

Please see this topic - Screen reader accessibility for blind users?

If you use any of the online versions (Cloud or Server), you can bookmark your main tabs. That way, they’re always within reach in your internet browser’s bookmarks bar.

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Thanks - that may be the deciding factor for us to set up an in-house server and use that edition rather than just the desktop version I’m currently testing out.

The screen readers, for now anyway, drive me crazy although I appreciate the suggestion. using a lower resolution on a large monitor works pretty well. We’re a corporation and I would end up using pretty much all the available ‘tabs’. since I’m working on a lower resolution screen, I have to scroll down to see many of the tabs and some of the lower ones are ones I might use more often, some of the upper ones, not so much.
It was just a feature request to make things a bit less ‘clicky’ while working with the program. :slight_smile: