Change from tax invoice to Invoice

Good day i would like to know how i can change back my system to tax invoice from invoice. Before the change of tax code of 15% my invoices read tax invoice, soon after the tax code change to 14.5% the invoices now reads invoices how can i change that so that i get tax invoice??

You need to check the tax code, you Will find it, in tax code down there invoices , it will be change as you like it

Hello Moha, if i put 15% it reads Tax invoice if i put 14.5% it reads Invoice. i need to use 14.5% but it must show tax invoice and not just invoice

You need to setup the tax code correctly

Hello Joe, How do i do that?

This one too Add localized settings and features | Manager

I am not getting custom title feild also.

What custom title field?

Please show a screen image

Also please state what version of manager you are using

can i update this version without losing my information

No idea - you are using a 3 year old version and are many hundreds if not thousands of version behind.

I would make a backup of my data file before attempting an update

You are so far behind, you might need Lubos to help you out

Okay. i see they now have v20.8

Go to Settings > Tax Codes and click Edit in front of the Tax Code you want to edit (14.5%). Then check the check box and enter the text Tax Invoice.

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